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Parsons testified that it was easy for inmates to make weapons, from broom handles, batteries and even toothbrushes. Blyther is charged with use of interstate facility to facilitate bribery, which carries a maximum prison term of five years and a $250,000 fine; extortion under color of official right, which carries a maximum prison term of 20 years and a $250,000 fine; and possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, which carries a maximum prison term of 10 years and a $250,000 fine. Soon afterward, he contacted a Lanesboro employee, asking her to retrieve the contraband from the ceiling of his old office, his dismissal letter states. Alex Murdaugh sentenced to life in prison for murders of wife, son in June 2021, Get ready to change your clocks. in Criminal Justice - Corrections, and M.S. Nikki Haley will be at Horry-Georgetown Technical College on March 13, a month after she launched her White House bid. An investigation by The Charlotte Observer found that state prison policies and management failures allow corruption to thrive. But local law enforcement officials are optimistic about changes at Lanesboro. Friends and family described Juan Ortiz-Castillo as very jealous of his wife, according to police. The father of two was shot and killed in front of his Charlotte, North Carolina home, and police are currently investigating whether or not the murder was somehow connected to his profession or incidences which may have occurred in the correctional facility where he is employed. Another direct result of the riot and the handling of the riot was the unification of prisoners. Both are members of the Folk Nation. Your morale goes down," she said. One Polk officer made $29,800 in salary in 2015. The letter also stated that Wall intentionally tried to conceal contraband that might have been used for pending criminal charges or an internal investigation. Seconds later, another prisoner follows. Bridges said she doesnt buy that explanation. All three belonged to gangs. A third inmate involved in the altercation that day Julio Alberto Zelaya-Sorto pleaded guilty last month to assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. Hands among the dead were found in front of the face or behind the head suggesting defensive positions. Corrections officers recovered another improvised weapon at the scene a sharpened metal plate, which may have come from a prison door. "All it would take is for five or ten guys to decide we're going to take over the prison. "We've got a lot of folks who are not staying with us.". He ran over and subdued the prisoner. A North Carolina inmate was found guilty Monday of murdering four prison workers during a failed escape attempt two years ago. Turner was scheduled to get out of prison this year, too. The prison is named for the nearby community of Lanesboro. The disclosures raise new questions about the role that corrections officers have played in violence at the high-security prison in Anson County. Food Service Officer (Former Employee) - Wadesboro, NC - August 31, 2019. Jeremy Smith, who also represented Vazquez, formed the same opinion: Our theory is that, at best, the corrections officers knew (the attack) was going to happen and did nothing to stop it, he told the Observer. But it was sometimes hard for prison officers to find those shanks, Parsons said. ANSON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Three inmates from the Lanesboro Correctional Institute in Polkton have been indicted by an Anson County Grand Jury for the September 28, 2012 murder of a fellow inmate, and an assault on a second inmate. Copyright 2023 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Ballistic evidence indicated that 515 bullets were found in the prisoners. But SBI agent Audria Bridges, who led the investigation, said she was troubled to learn that inmates at the prison roamed freely in areas they should not have been in.. Phillip Boney, a former Lanesboro officer, told the Observer that right after the fight, he saw Wall put a shank inside an unlocked wooden podium near the cell block. Our site does not feature every educational option available on the market. Why fans love it. The massacre has also sparked ongoing discussions, both in Brazil and internationally about Brazil's prison system. He would not discuss the lawsuit or his testimony with an Observer reporter. To investigators and the killers lawyers, his meaning seemed clear: Keep your mouth shut. He was scheduled to stay in jail until 2017. In 2014, a Lanesboro officer was paid $29,800 but made another $35,600 in overtime. I characterize the lack of supervision there as, quite frankly, shocking, Roberts said. His name has not been released. Then Wall said, They have nothing to worry about because if I wanted to get anyone, I could get them touched from the outside, the letter states. All charges in the indictment are allegations. Secure .gov websites use HTTPS State Bureau of Investigation agents say they are examining possible wrongdoing by former Lanesboro officers and cannot discuss the assertions by Vazquezs lawyers. Several days after the incident police still had not arrested a suspect or determined a motive for the murder. Roberts said that if prison is supposed to be a place where inmates learn to live law-abiding lives, Lanesboro appears to be falling short. [17], After years of national and international pressure, the prison was demolished on 8 December 2002, the former complex having been turned into a park. The man turns and looks directly into the room. He joined the Folk Nation at age 16, was convicted of damaging property soon afterward, and later committed armed robbery, kidnapping and more than a dozen other crimes. Correctional officers face significant dangers in their careers both inside and outside of prisons to which they are assigned. As alleged in the indictment, as a correctional officer, Blythers duties included the supervision of inmates, and ensuring safe, secure and orderly prison operations. Its the few who dont who make problems for everybody.. The police released their dogs in the barber shop, where the wounded prisoners were taken. This sprawling complex of concrete and barbed wire in Anson County holds 1,800 inmates, including more than 350 men convicted of murder and 150 convicted of rape. This morning, Turner had warned Cook that Latino gang members planned to create trouble between the Bloods and the Folks. Soon afterward, the suspects were escorted into offices where they received medical treatment. October 2014 - Prison administrator David Mitchell was stabbed in the neck by an inmate wielding a plastic shank. The CO was reportedly stabbed and suffered heavy bleeding after responding to an inmate fight. Another officer suffered serious cuts to his face last month after he was assaulted by an inmate with a bladed weapon. For months, Bridges tried to make sense of what she saw at the murder scene and on surveillance video. (Parsons) told me I couldnt say anything about another sergeant bringing in marijuana, Wilburn testified. Inmates involved in the fight told investigators that one of the shanks was a real long knife, another resembled a razor, and the third was a plastic toilet bowl brush sharpened at one end. At Lanesboro, 45 miles southeast of Charlotte, it was common for 42 officers to watch about 1,200 prisoners on the night shift, according to Gregory McCoy, who worked there as a correctional officer from 2009 to 2016. Cook said he met him in 2001, when Turner came to his aid in a fight against correctional officers. in Criminal Justice, The Panopticon: The Controversy Over an 18th Century Prison Concept Thats Still in Use Today, Quick Work by Tennessee Correctional Officers Foils Escape Plan, California Correctional Officers Honored for Saving Lives While Off-Duty, Florida Corrections Officer Taken Hostage Found Unharmed, Correctional Center in Nome, Alaska Offers Job Training Workshops to Help Inmates Re-enter Society. The father was eventually rescued relatively unharmed, but the incident was a reminder of how an incident originating inside a jail or prison can quickly turn into a dangerous situation on the outside. Human rights groups such as Human Rights Watch have also documented statistics of police violence and acquittals in Brazil. ". "And this time it came up snake eyes," he said. Department spokesman Keith Acree said the two are being treated for their injuries at local hospitals. The Anson County Sheriff's Office says one inmate is dead and another was stabbed. A spokesman for the N.C. Department of Corrections says two inmates were taken to the hospital. Wesley Turnerwas stabbed to death and taken to Anson Community Hospital where he was pronounced dead, according to the N.C. Department of Public Safety. Once in a lifetime, After years of negotiations, GOP leaders reach a breakthrough on Medicaid expansion, Alex Murdaughs attorneys say theyll appeal double-murder conviction, 16-year-old Raleigh teen charged with murder in Robeson County killing, The evidence was clear: Murdaugh juror reveals quick deliberation in SC murder trial, Day 29: Murdaugh sentenced to life, attorneys say theyll appeal to US Supreme Court if needed, What were the deciding factors in the Murdaugh guilty verdict? Bridges said she hasnt watched all of the DVDs found in Walls ceiling, but has turned them over to the FBI. What to know about daylight saving time in NC, Goofy dog had no adoption inquiries for months. [9] November 2014 - Five former Lanesboro inmates filed a federal lawsuit alleging that officers at the Anson County prison repeatedly helped gang-affiliated inmates get weapons and wage attacks. On the morning of Sept. 28, 2012, the day that Turner was stabbed to death, there were rumors of potential violence. According to Acree, the prison is temporarily locked down while an investigation begins. He got the nickname Ghost Face as the only white kid hanging out in a Durham housing project. Why would someone working in a prison give someone who is suspected of being involved in a murder a be quiet sign? Roberts said in an interview with the Observer. September 2012 - The stabbing death of inmate Wesley Turner spurred an SBI investigation and led to three felony convictions. Wynn, who also took the stand Tuesday, testified that some inmates simply walked around prison metal detectors. He stretches his arms wide above his head, then lowers them and covers his mouth with both hands. Cook, the target of the 2012 attack, was released from prison in March. He said three inmates believed to be involved in the assault have been identified and are being questioned. sevierville arrests 2021,